Business consulting and management


Business and Management Consultancy

If you want to approach Croatian market; need an analysis of your current or potential markets or a marketing plan, we are here to assist you. We can also assist you when you want to know more about EU funding or how to approach other donors’ markets and grants. We are developing and writing for you project proposals, business plans, marketing and other relevant studies. These are our core business activities in which we have relevant knowledge, skills and a proven track record.

Structural Funds

We are advising our clients on the scope, functioning and the use of the Structural Funds of the European Union, currently called European Structural and Investment Funds.  

In this area, we can advise you how your needs fit into currently opened or forecast calls for proposals and we are assisting you in modifying or adjusting your needs to the specific calls’ requests and conditions.

We have a track record of changing conditions of the calls published “in Brussels” as we are skilled in drafting well—argued letters, based on our background knowledge of EU legislative framework and policies. Cooperating with ASESOR equals working with a reliable and well-educated partner with a broad range of experience in Croatia and the region of so-called Western Balkans.

We are writing project proposals in Croatian, English and French languages meaning that, besides EU Structural Funds, we can assist you in applying for all other EU funds and the funds of other international donors.

Our services involve:

  • Preparation of project application and other project documents;
  • Analyses of your business entity and preparation of investment, feasibility and other studies;
  • Preparation of market analyses, business and marketing plans;
  • Project evaluation.

Seminars and Workshops (Training)

We are providing seminars and workshops on the topics of project preparation, writing of project application documents for targeted and specific calls for proposals, fitting your project ideas to the specific calls. As we are very well aware of the fact that it’s easier to teach than to transfer the said (“theory”) into practice, our training sessions are concrete, costumer-oriented, down-to-earth, having as a prime goal to reach the client’s understanding and reply to the client’s needs.

Furthermore, our speciality is training on doing business in international environment – no matter if it is European, African or Asian business environment, i.e. environment of specific regions of these three continents. We are doing this kind of training in cooperation with our partners and colleagues originating from all parts of the world. We are hence providing training on intercultural understanding and cultural differences that very often influence the businesses, while we are not really aware of that.

Organisation of Meetings and Study Visits

If you would like to enter into contact with your potential business partners in Croatia and organise meetings with them, we are here to help you. ASESOR has a proven track record in providing these services too. We have also organised meetings at the highest State’s level, for instance with the Croatian President.

If you need to organise a study visit in Croatia for a foreign delegation, we are also here to assist you. ASESOR’s owner has been personally involved in organisation and implementation of study visits of Turkey’s and Kosovo’s official delegations within the framework of the EU programmes and has also been involved in organising business and cultural visits of representatives of private and public entities from United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Poland, Bulgaria, Ireland, Romania, the United States… to Croatian public and private institutions and organisations.

Translation, Knowledge Share, Individual Tour Guiding (

We are experienced in these areas too and combine them with other sectors of our expertise. For instance, if you need a service of finding business partners in Croatia and in the same time need to make a study of the client’s market, but also would like to get an insight into Croatian culture, ASESOR is your best choice. Besides, negotiations are our strength and you can also rely on this capacity of ours while doing business in Croatia or in the broader region of the Southeast Europe (ex-Yugoslavia or so-called Western Balkans).