Rahela Jurković

2021. Integracija azilanata u hrvatsko društvo: kulturnoantropološka studija, Asesor, Zagreb. 238 str. ISBN: 978-953-48711-1-9.

“The book represents the first systematic research on the integration of asylum seekers into Croatian society. Although primarily ethnological and cultural anthropological, an interdisciplinary approach was also used. Based on interviews and insights into lived experiences, the book provides a detailed overview of how contemporary refugees are integrated into Croatian society, how laws related to integration are implemented in practice, and how individual organisations or collectives participate in integration processes. The significance of the work is the fact that it does not deal with individual segments of integration, but gives a comprehensive and broad insight into all areas of integration and strives to provide a clear picture of integration from the perspective of persons to whom the Republic of Croatia provided international protection.”

Dr. Marijeta Rajković Iveta (excerpt from the review)

asesor integracija azilanata

2021. Sport i migranti u Hrvatskoj: kulturnoantropološka studija integracije izbjeglica, FF press, Sveučilište u Zagrebu, Filozofski fakultet. 99 str. ISBN: 978-953-175-834-5; ISBN e-knjige (2023.): 978-953-379-088-6.

“It is a very valuable book that has a significant scientific contribution to the understanding of the role of sports in the integration of immigrants into the new society and culture, as well as to the improvement of existing scientific knowledge about sports and its implications for Croatian society. Sport in Croatia has had a great social significance for decades, especially football. Despite that, domestic sociology and ethnology do not have a sufficiently established and developed set of internationally relevant subdisciplines that systematically deal with these topics. With this book, the author makes a significant contribution to the scientific treatment of the topic and at the same time to the local establishment and further development of subdisciplines related to sports and immigration.”

Dr. Marko Mustapić (excerpt from the review)

The book is available at open access on the following website:

asesor sport i migranti

2023. „Otoče moj lipi“, Asesor, Zagreb. 270 str. ISBN: 978-953-48711-3-3.

“The book ‘Otoče moj lipi’* is an extremely valuable contribution to the research of island communities in Croatia, in the field of humanities and social sciences. A very small number of systematically carried out ethnographic field research that resulted in a comprehensive view of one island has been enriched in this way, with unique research done by the author on the island of Pašman from 2019 to 2022. Within the framework of the preservation of traditional cultural heritage, the book brings empirical insights that are an important contribution to the field of ethnology and cultural anthropology, as well as other scientific disciplines. At the same time it can be an incentive for further research into traditional culture and the daily life during the 20th century of island communities of the eastern part of the Adriatic in general.”

 Dr. Mirela Hrovatin, doc. (excerpt from the review)

*Translation of the book title would be: “My dear island”, but with the note that the title is written in a local dialect, and not the standard Croatian language.

asesor otoče moj lipi