Rahela Jurković

Business Consulting

Asesor is an enterprise engaged in providing consulting services regarding policies and programmes of the European Union, and in conducting research in the area of humanities and social sciences. Asesor is also in the business of publishing and production of documentary (ethnographic) films.

The owner of Asesor is Dr. Rahela Jurković. She has an extensive work experience in both private and public sectors. She graduated in art history and French language and literature from the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences of the Zagreb University, and holds three master’s degrees, one in marketing (from the Faculty of Economics in Zagreb), and two in the field of European integration: European studies from the University of Zagreb and Panthéon-Assas University (Paris II), and College of Europe (bilingual, English-French studies). Rahela received her doctorate in ethnology and anthropology in January 2018, at the Zagreb University, defending her dissertation “Integration of persons under international protection into Croatian society” with the grade summa cum laude. Besides migration, the area of her ​​scientific research interest is cultural heritage.

Rahela worked in consulting companies and organisations, writing and implementing projects financed by the European Union (EU) and other institutions. This is also her domain of work at Asesor. As an EU expert, she has been cooperating with the Croatian Association of Accountants and Financial Workers since 2008, on a monthly basis informing clients of the Association about programmes and funding opportunities from various EU funds. She completed an internship at the European Commission in 2002 (Directorate for Enterprises), and she currently works as an external expert of the Commission for the evaluation of projects financed by the EU.

Rahela has participated in numerous international conferences and projects. She is the author and co-author of scientific papers published in eminent scientific journals. Her three books, based on scientific research, have been published so far. In 2019, as the first female scientist from Croatia and the wider region of Southeast Europe, she received a UEFA (Union of European Football Associations) research grant. Thanks to this scholarship, she successfully conducted research in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Greece, Croatia, North Macedonia and Serbia, on football and refugees on the so-called Balkan corridor. Since 2019, in Požega, her hometown, Rahela has been conducting the scientific research and implementing a wider programme under the name “Požega, Grgurevo custom and traditional viticulture of the Požega region”.

Photo: Dušan Mirković